A phone number has only 7 digits because the human brain can only process 40 bits per second.

But in daily life, we are presented with so much more than that.

Emails, text messages, calls, media, we all have a lot on our plates.

Sometimes, there’s just no time to sit down and process everything properly.

Now this leads us to the question: how should we logically divide our time?


Goals are typically determined by time frames.

For companies, they plan in quarters.

For most people, they set their goals in years.

But think about it, how achievable are our goals given these time frames?

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Now, lets continue.

The founder of think tank gannaca, Christopher Patrick Peterka, came up with a different plan.

Instead of planning by year or quarter, he suggested using a 5-year plan.

So for example, a lifetime of 80 years will be divided in 16 units instead of 80.

But why is it better to plan this way?

Think of it this way.

In businesses, everything revolves around a quarterly time frame.

Goals should be achieved and changes implemented within those four months.

Short-term goals take up everyone’s focus.

Then here we have the option to shift to a 5-year plan.

Here’s why it could be a better way.

First, goals can be achieved in this time frame without taking up everyone’s focus.

Also, it makes more sense to implement major changes over this time frame.

Knowing that you have 16 units to plan your goals may just be the shift in perspective that you need.

Why We Don’t Have Any Time