There is a huge difference between being strict and being abusive. Sometimes, your manager will push you to your limit and give unpleasant criticisms. But there are good reasons behind this seemingly tough behavior. It is meant to make you improve and work on your weaknesses. However, it is very different when your manager is a bully. When your manager is a bully, you will always find yourself dealing with unreasonable workload and destructive criticism. Most of the time, it’s not even for your own good. Your manager is just doing it for no good reason.

Let’s look at some more signs that show that your manager is a bully.

Pointing out mistakes and excessive criticism

It is normal for managers to inform you of your mistakes and provide criticism. This is all being done so you can improve the quality of your work and increase your productivity. That’s normal. Excessive criticism, on the other hand, is not normal. There is something wrong if your manager always finds something negative to say about you. Sometimes, it’s not even related to work anymore. Criticism is meant to help you improve. At work, it is not healthy to constantly give criticisms that attack the employee in a personal way. If it’s getting out of hand, then I guess it’s safe to say that your manager is bullying you.

Unrealistic workload

If your manager always gives you too many tasks on a daily basis, then you know that this behavior is unreasonable. There is nothing wrong with taking on challenges and working overtime once in a while. But you should know where to draw the line. Remember, you are an employee, not a slave. Being a subordinate doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate your entire day taking orders from your manager. This is also a form of personal attack. Your manager might be doing this to discourage you. Another reason could be because he simply gets a kick out of seeing other people suffer.

Public humiliation

Disagreements and arguments are sometimes inevitable. However, it shouldn’t be a reason for public humiliation. It is unreasonable for a manager to constantly yell at you or call you names. Everyone makes mistakes and no one deserves to be publicly humiliated in the workplace. It is very unprofessional. It also creates a very toxic environment.


This is probably one of the worst signs. If your boss threatens to fire you if you don’t follow his orders, then this is the clearest sign that you are being bullied. This is a very unacceptable and unprofessional behavior. You should seek for assistance from the higher management. Find someone who can intervene and assess the situation in an unbiased way. If this approach does not work out, then it would be more advisable to seek employment elsewhere. Do not risk your well-being for an employer who does not care for you.

Is Your Manager A Bully?