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Samantha A. Sims

Through my coach sessions, She was able to help me reconnect with my passion and gave me the tools and confidence to change careers and achieve my dream job.

Angeline C. Ward

Because of them, I landed my dream job! I’m now in a career that I love which brings me great growth opportunities, challenges and real success. Thank you very much.

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Guidelines For Sending A Thank You Email

Many people tend to overlook the importance of sending a thank you email after a job interview. Some of them might think that it’s too troublesome to go through the process of writing a thank you email, while others might think that there’s no point in sending one especially if you’ve impressed the hiring manager anyway during the interview.

While it’s true that not all hiring managers think that a thank you email is a significant factor in the hiring process, it can still be beneficial to you especially if you want to present yourself in a positive manner.

Practicing English Made Simple

The ability to speak in English is a prerequisite in almost all corporate jobs in our world today. These days, companies across different regions and countries are becoming more and more interconnected. Workplaces are increasingly becoming multicultural. It is no longer uncommon for a company to have a wide global reach. And obviously, English is the common language that is being spoken in the diverse workforce.

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